Welcome to “The Parkinson’s blueprint” blog!

My name is Zeljko Ribicic. I was born in 1977 in Croatia (European Union) and still living there.

This blog is a personal insight through challenge called Parkinson’s disease. Hopefully, I plan to explain all about the disease (give blueprint) and show how to fight it and eventually fully recover from it. This disease is curable, and both my blog and YouTube channel are made with intention to prove it. Boldly task, i know, but worthy one.


My visible symptoms started in 2013. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2016. Most people with Parkinson’s feel that something is wrong with them, long time before physical symptoms appear. This was also case with me.


At the beginning of 2019. my symptoms peaked. I had paralysis symptoms (violent tremor, stiffens) mostly on the left side and some on right side of the body. Walking was unbalanced, clarity of speech reduced. Partial constipation.


From November 2019. i was no longer in self induced pause, and my recovery symptoms began (reduced tremor, pain in joints, warts gone, sleeping improvement…). You can read all about my recovery symptoms in posts on this blog which have “Recovery symptoms” words in title.


In 2014. i have encountered another “incurable” disease and managed to recover. Although treatment for this disease derailed me from healing Parkinson’s disease, it gave me a different perspective. I believe there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people. Some diseases, besides healing the body, require healing the mind, what is considered as most difficult. Parkinson’s is such disease.


First step in fighting Parkinson’s disease was obtaining as much information, as possible, from people who recovered from Parkinson’s. Also, i was looking for books about Parkinson’s which do not talk about symptoms management, but rather recovery itself.

First testimonial of recovery i came upon was book by a gentleman who recovered from stage IV Parkinson’s disease. He focused on body massage, different homeopathic treatments etc. Another case is a lady who focused on Qigong and practiced for 2-3 hours a day. There is also another gentleman who used holistic approach based on traditional Chinese medicine. Another lady used sound therapy. Later i found out there are more people who successfully recovered from Parkinson’s, a lot more.

Now, you may ask, what all these different approaches have in common? I asked myself same question and i couldn’t answer, until i found out about work by dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock (please see page “Literature“). She was also Parkinson’s disease sufferer and offers most comprehend information currently available on this topic.


Recovery is definitely possible, but there is no specific formula for Parkinson’s cure, it is all about feeling safe no matter what. This may seems easy for healthy people, but Parkinson’s people are unwilling to let go of their nurtured negativity that keeps them stuck in the disease. Parkinson’s is fueled by using self induced pause, rare neurological mode used only in near death situation. People with Parkinson’s use it in every day life. All it takes to recover from PD is to retrain your brain not to use self induced pause for dealing with life (please see page “Recovery methods”). On my blog i will try to show on my example how to stop using pause. Valuable example for you, don’t you think?


If you need any information on how to reduce your Parkinson’s symptoms or halt theirs progression or general support in fighting this disease, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you, no charge.

For contact info, please see page “Contact”.

Thank you!