105a. Acceptance

Saying yes to everything that is, at the current moment, happening in your life, is the key for practicing acceptance.

Saying yes, especially, to “bad” things, that you can not currently improve is of most importance. Like PD symptoms, death of a family member or whatever that is holding you down. It can be an insignificant thing, like a bad haircut.

Why is practicing acceptance necessary to recover from PD? Because acceptance helps you turn off “pause”. Not accepting things, as they are, actually strengthens your “pause”.

So accept everything that is happening as a gift from God, because finally it is. He is in control of everything in our lifes and has always been in control, from our birth to death, even in smallest details like crossing the street. And He doesn’t want us to perish, but to prosper.

This is also called surrender and is vital not only to recover from PD but for life.

Praise Him!