10a. Natural methods for body detoxification – physical exercise

This is third post in series of posts called “Natural methods for body detoxification”. Today’s post topic will be physical exercise as natural method for body detoxification.

Physical exercise is good for Parkinson’s. Any exercise you could perform is beneficial for body and the mind. You are detoxifying your body and relaxing your mind which is a point where healing takes place.

But there is a catch. People with Parkinson’s have a difficult time relaxing. They, actually, do exercises like a robot, without feeling their body. This is because, they are in dissociation mode (please read post: “65b: What is dissociation?“). So, when doing exercises, be aware of this and try to enjoy the movement and relax (even with Parkinson’s symptoms).

There is one system of exercises you could especially benefit from: Qigong.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese health self-maintenance skills. In China, it has a great tradition and belongs to the very foundations of Chinese culture, making it an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. There are records about Qigong around 5,000 years old, from the era of the Chinese Yellow Emperor.
In Qigong’s Qi (Chi), means vital energy, breath, life force. The word Gong or Kung means management or cultivation, so the translation into English would be: the skill of cultivating vital energy or health.
The Qigong system is a physical movement with visualization. Most of the Qigong movement is slow and easy for performance. In this way, it allows the practitioner to feel the subtle energy changes that occur in the body during Qigong’s performance. This refers to the infinite source of Qi that is everywhere around us, and our energy becomes more similar to the Qi source, which ultimately reflects on both physical and psychological health.
“Qigong is improving the mind of a workout in a way that supports the energy of one’s own body.”, Dr. Ming Pang


There are a lot of Qigong systems and exercises. I have found Zhineng Qigong works best for me.
Zhineng Qigong is a subtype of Qigong and represents a complete system of physical exercises (Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down, Bending Spine, Spinal Bone Marrow, Chi Chi, La Chi), meditation (Three Centers Merge) and sound exercises (Sound Healing Technologies) developed by Dr. Ming Pang in the 80’s of the last century for treatment purposes in “Drug-free hospitals” in China, and showed very good results (> 96% success). Zhineng Qigong has emerged as a synthesis of more traditional Qigong systems with the addition of authenticity. Thanks to Dr. Ming Pang’s students, today’s it is practiced around the world. You can find some of these exercises on the YouTube (link below):

This post finishes series of three posts named: “Natural methods for body detoxification”. Hope you can find some useful information.

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