10b. Prayer

Good evening everyone!
Theme of today’s video is prayer. How is prayer applicative in fighting Parkinson’s disease? Prayer opens up dopamine faucet. As dr. Janice Walton Hadlock says: “Brain research, as well as the writings of great saints and sages of every faith, confirm that conversing constantly with something loving and supportive is the most effective way to feel safe enough to live without fear, connected to the universe, and beloved. Oppositely, constantly conversing analytically and judgmentally with oneself in a downward-spiraling monologue, which is normal for Parkinson’s, uses the parts of the brain associated with ego and risk, and is almost guaranteed to make a person feel less safe.” So, my advise is to talk to God as often as possible, let him take care of the mess, and not our ego. Let go of the control. Let go and let God, as one beautiful song says.
Thank you!