113a. Trigger events

While working on your recovery you may be facing following situation:

You have successfully dismissed core of self induced pause (feeling separated from God), but still having some trigger events reinitiating pause.

Those trigger events can be other chronic illness, pain or discomfort of some sort…

They are in repeating pattern and so far successfull in reinitiating pause.

You don’t want for those events to keep you in PD despite the fact you successfully dismissed PD core.

It’s a good idea to write, those events that trigger your pause, down on piece of paper and keep asking God how you will get rid of them.

Be persistent, it may take some time. Don’t give up until you hear an answer. Then, of course, do as you are told.

Another idea, if you have other health problems that reinitiate pause is to find a saint (if you believe in saints) known to heal that body part. For example saint Anthony of Padua is known to heal eye illnesses. After you have successfully identify right saint let him carry the problem for you.

God bless!