115a. Leap of faith

I give you an article which describes one particular case of PD recovery.


This article was sent to me by dr. JWH about two years ago.

At that time I was just beginning this journey and starting to grasp what is this all about. Today, as I read it, it has much deeper meaning. He (the guy from the article) took a leap in faith. He relied only on God.

I believe in miracles also, they are not by chance. I know that you also, if on this journey, can share my experience.

In case you’re wondering, did the man from the article experience any recovery symptoms, this is what dr. JWH says about it:

“Even in the “miraculous”, epiphany recoveries, these people DID have recovery symptoms. But they did not  go back and forth, in and out of pause, based on wavering mindsets. so the recovery was much more straightforward and obvious, and the fact of turning off pause was far
more obvious and immediate. Very often, the tremor stopped immediately. This makes people say “the symptoms stopped.”, but in fact, there were recovery symptoms: increased need for sleep, spontaneous movement (recovery dyskinesia), etc. For many people, as soon as the tremor stops, they consider themselves recovered, and the rest of the recovery process is just considered a mild annoyance.

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God bless!