116. Wavering

This is a topic which is not talked about so much, especially in literature, but I believe has a great part for those working on recovering from Parkinson’s.

Many people eventually learn to dismiss pause, but they have difficulties from stopping it from reinitiating. They waver in and out of pause. I know I do.

Pause will reinitiate every time of stress if you don’t deal with those trigger events. Example on how to deal with them is described in post “113a. Trigger events“.

Even when you become aware of what is going on when some events reinitiate pause, it is not enough, you still have work to do.

I advise you to be persistent, especially if trigger event is pain of some sort. They are especially resistant. Overcoming it (not reinitiating pause, not wavering in attitude) when it happens, is a glorious victory.

God bless!