11a. Switching focus

Fighting Parkinson’s gives you a lot of small tasks, healthy people are unaware of. I often caught myself in thinking, how am I going to do some task, because Parkinson’s symptoms are in my way. People who do not have Parkinson’s, do not have to go through this. They do not think about their movement.

And when you realize that you are not able to perform in a way you used to, it can, if you let it, get you down. If it does, Parkinson’s is weaning at this point. Switching focus is the key. More about that in following text.


I know, in order to recover, I must not stay in that position where Parkinson’s pinned my face to the ground. That way i am focusing on fear and the disease will devour me. I must fight back and change my position, so the Parkinson’s doesn’t control me. How to do that?


To do that, you must decide that you will focus on positive, not negative. Basically, you are declaring that you will not listen to your negative, adrenaline driven mind that is keeping you stuck in dissociation, but you will rather focus on positive. And you must do this powerfully, because ego will not take this lightly. It will do everything in his adrenaline driven power, to make you feel unsafe.
Walk through the ego, walk through the mind. Follow your heart as guide. Gather forces of good in you and diminish the ego. Walk with God and you will prevail no matter what.
When you talk to God you are opening your heart. You are switching back to parasympathetic neurological mode where dopamine is main neurotransmitter. I will give you more information about that in next or one of following posts. That’s an valuable information.
Thank you!