129a. Replacement

Recovery is all about replacing bad mental habits.

We need to replace bad habits that activate pause with positive ones. That way dopamine faucet opens up. The pause inhibits dopamine flow, so one needs to terminate pause 100% to recover 100%.

What is a bad mental habit? As I’ve already said, bad habits trigger pause. If you have PD you can sense this within yourself. Any mental process in your mind that makes you tremor or stiff up is a bad mental habit.

What is a positive mental habit? Positive mental habit comes from the heart. It is a representative of our connection with God. It is a representative of love.

We have to get rid of bad mental habits. It’s like quitting an addiction. Physically, neurological pathways that support bad mental habits need to be overridde by pathways that support positive mental habit and never be used again.

God bless!