144a. Obstacle

We all have encountered obstacles in our lives. Life is designed to challenge us, but those obstacles are there to upgrade us, if we accept them.

Although we are not too happy at the beginning of that challenge we sure can appreciate it more as the challenge approaches to its end. We realize that challenge made us stronger in some way.

Life is full of examples that confirm this.

Let’s say that there is this child which was born a little weaker. He is being bullied in school. So in order to deal with this child starts to take martial arts classes. He becomes stronger and skilled in fighting and eventually he beats up the bully.

So he was forced by life to generate a change. Something which was obstacle in the beginning later became a gift.

Or if the child is to weak to take martial arts lessons he could generate more internal change. He can become creative and 20 years later become famous artist while bully is stuck in some mediocre job.

God bless!