151a. Pain

Sometimes reaction to physical pain can trigger pause.

Now, how to react to unpleasant thing such as physical pain without triggering pause?

It’s obviously hard to use parasympathetic dopamine mode in this case. Instead, use sympathetic, fight or flight mode. Use adrenaline. Just don’t use pause in dealing with pain.

Here are Dr. JWH instructions:


Healthy people, while awake, use a *blend* of TWO neurological modes: parasympathetic and sympathetic (fight or flight).

Restoring your relationship with your heart helps you resume parasympathetic mode.

In order to re-start sympathetic mode, which is turned off in most people with Parkinson’s, you might need to make a conscious effort.

Please go to www.pdrecovery.org click on publications. Download the maps of the channels from Tracking the Dragon each channel has two drawings: the “traditional”  path of the channel (the fictitious, Chinese government approved version), and The Actual path of the channel.

Select the actual paths of the urinary bladder and the kidney channels.

A few times every day, especially between 3:00 and 5:00 in the evening, you need to imagine a scenario in which you need to be angry and unafraid – maybe rescuing a child from a big bully, or saving the child on the railroad tracks or avenging yourself powerfully against some creep who is raping your grandmother – and while imagining this, also imagine a large blast of current flowing down your urinary bladder channel all the way down to the back of the knees. At the back of the knees, the current you are imagining shunts over into the kidney channel and runs up the leg, deep inside the leg, all the way up to the kidneys (just inside the lowest ribs) and then imagine a huge blast of energy filling the kidneys with light and power.

This should cause you to feel a rush of adrenaline. this is a good thing.

You have probably spent most of your life priding yourself on NOT having strong negative feelings welling up inside of you. well, this was a mistake. until you are able to completely align yourself with God or the Divine, you need to have *some* amount of these sympathetic mode feelings in order to go through life without fear.

You will notice, after a few episodes of playing “tough guy”, your symptoms of anxiety and fear will be slightly reduced for about ten minutes.

You need to practice this a lot, and at some point, you need to also start telling your brain “it’s OK to feel like this. It’s OK to feel like this.”

You might get some kick back, but ignore it. as you have figured out by now, your brain is a very poor judge of what is best for you. ask your heart if it’s OK to play at feeling rage and or fear, and generating a sympathetic mode response to the rage or fear. Your heart will tell you it’s OK, it’s normal.

God bless!

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