17b. What it takes?

Hello everyone!
What it takes to step out from Parkinson’s disease to no Parkinson’s disease? What it takes to fully recover from this, so called, incurable disease? What it takes to make that subtle, invisible, healing step? All takes is changing your mindset from the head driven to the heart driven. It means living joyfully, happy, fearlessly, not being driven by anxious, self-preserving, analytical, adrenaline driven mind. Is it simple as that. But, that is not easy. It takes perseverance, constant faith in absolute, unconditional love. It takes loving yourself. It takes change from within. It takes fighting your mind. People do not like to change, they don’t want to engage in war with their mind. That is why they give up, that is why they give in to the Parkinson’s symptoms. Please, do not give up, let’s do this together. It is possible.
Thank you!