140a. Ionic silver

Lately I am using ionic silver as part of my home medicine.

Ionic silver is not a treatment for PD, but rather antiseptic. It’s important to stay healthy as possible while fighting PD. If any of you have experience in using it, please let me know.

Ionic silver is a solution of tiny silver particles (ions) suspended in a liquid base – water. It’s a remedy for a range of health problems. It can be taken orally, but some products are sprayed, applied to the skin.

Silver was used in medicine for centuries. In the past, it was used as an efficient antiseptic.

Ionic silver can help:

  • Heal wounds
  • Improve skin disorders
  • Prevent or treat diseases like the flu, pneumonia, herpes, eye infections, shingles…

Ionic silver is expensive, but can be produced at home quite cheap and easy.

God bless!