29a. Jump

Parkinson’s recovery requires complete breakdown of communication with our ego. All of our thoughts have to be replaced with thoughts produced via communication with our spiritual guide (“friend”). Really, all of them.

You are cleaning the kitchen, share it with your “friend”. You are eating, share it with your “friend”. You are fearful, share it with your “friend”. Every thought, every emotion, every action you do during a day, share it with your “friend”. No matter how small action ot thought seems.

You should know that he is sharing it with you also and loving you. Feel his love.

This, among other, means stopping analyzing our Parkinson’s symptoms. Instead, enjoy in life with an open heart. Be grateful with what you have.

It’s not easy to retrain your brain and build new brain habits. It’s really hard, but you will find ways to prevail, if you really want to. After all, you are fighting for your life.

Do not argue with your ego-based mind. If you fight with your mind you will lose every time. Instead, jump in open hands of your guide with open heart. He will surely catch you. You are safe with your “friend”.

Thank you!

4 Replies to “29a. Jump”

  1. Good post. It is all we really need to know. Everything we need to communicate with our “friend”, very well explained. Hard way, but doable.
    Thank you!

  2. Awesome post. You have detected the core issue here: the ego based mind set. Instead, one should surrender to the guidance of the Divine with unconditional faith. This is when healing occurs naturally. Keep up the good work. Wish you good luck. Blessings!