31a. Monster mind

If you have PD you are probably aware that you are constantly hearing this voice in your head. Voice which is analytical, always on lookout for the danger. This is our protective mind which is doing it’s best to keep us alive. Symptoms usually increase when this voice is strong. When we feel unsafe.

This voice is normal for healthy people also.

It becomes a problem when it starts governing our lives. It does it slowly. Year by year it becomes stronger, more powerful. Eventually it destroys his only master – joy from the heart. Yes, heart is the only one which can override this monster mind. In order to do that, we have to obey the voice from our heart and give up our monster mind’s voice.

How do we do that?

By constantly bonding with our “friend”. He is representative of our soul. Our untouched essence.

Thank you!

2 Replies to “31a. Monster mind”

  1. This post explains how Parkinson’s is born and develops, But also what we need to do to recover, everything well written and explained. Thank you! God bless you!