3b. Cause 2

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The cause of Parkinson’s disease is psychogenic, similar to depression. Neurotransmitter biochemistry disorders leads to a lack of dopamine, and in depression to lack of serotonin. Unlike depression, Parkinson’s disease has serious physical consequences. Is it possible to change the course of Parkinson’s disease? Of course it is. Is it easy? It is not easy. Are there people who are cured from Parkinson’s disease? There are many, yet most are unknown to the public. But not all, two of them even have a blog on the Internet. I believe this number will grow. Generally, people who are cured of Parkinson’s disease do not want to go public because they are aware that they are the cause of the problem themselves. Western medicine says the cause of Parkinson’s disease is the death of brain structures that produce dopamine. That is not true. Dopamine is created, but is not used in the function of neurotransmitter because adrenaline takes over this function. Adrenaline is becoming dominant. In essence, a man is cured of Parkinson’s disease when dopamine re-assumes the role of neurotransmitter. The dopamine producing cells are not dead, but are in conserved, less active state. When they again are in function, healing occurs. Link to the medical study that confirms this theory is found in the description of this video. Second study, the Danish medical study says that dopamine is produced even in the advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease. The link to this studio is in the description of this video also. People, it is possible to recover from this illness, just one needs to work on it.
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