54a. Letting go

In recovering from PD there is letting go required.

Letting go of everyday blockages that keep us stuck in Parkinson’s. That’s OK, you may say, but how do you actually let go?

Well, blockages that keep us in negative domain are actually thoughts. No matter if those thoughts are understandable and caused by real tough life challenges they still must go away.

First, be aware of what is going on in your mind. Second, replace every negative thought that your mind throws at you with reasonable, positive one.

Do this every time you hear yourself (your mind) saying something negative and derailing.

Thank you!

2 Replies to “54a. Letting go”

  1. Yes, perhaps one of the greatest (though difficult) examples would be in developing gratitude even for PD. That’s one I am working on, where I think I’m gradually having some success replacing negative thoughts about PD with being able to see it as a gift, giving me an opportunity for spiritual growth that I never would have pursued otherwise.

    Then there is also the “letting go” involved in the emotional surrender that Janice W-H says is a key predictor of success. So… letting go in multiple ways! Though they’re not coming quickly or easily for me, I do sense I’m on the right path.