5b. Faith

Good evening everyone!
So why is faith important in fighting Parkinson’s disease? When I say faith, then I do not mean a particular religion, but I am thinking in general of the perception of God, the higher being, the energy that binds everything, etc … So why is faith important in fighting Parkinson’s? The only way for a man to free himself from negativity and unfavorable Western medicine prognosis for Parkinson’s disease is faith in God. Man should leave all his fears and doubts to God. There are so many fears and doubts about Parkinson’s disease. By relying on God, man keeps hope, and thus reduces fear. This is crucial. Let’s remember, fear reduces dopamine. For some, including myself, this is not an easy step, but it is necessary. I would say that it is good to have a high degree of faith, the greater the better. Of course, the greatest enemy of faith is our own mind. Sorry. Be alert, because the mind does everything to distract us from trusting anything other than the mind itself. The mind seeks attention. You need to fight your own mind and negative thoughts. More about this in another video.

Thank you!