66a. Coronavirus

These days are especially challenging due to new health threat: Coronavirus disease.

For people with PD who are trying to recover it is especially challenging because of fear that is being created in all this fuss.

As you already know, fear is number one no no for people with PD, because PD feeds on fear. Fear makes PD symptoms rage and even makes it progress.

To reassure you that there is no real reason to be scared of Coronavirus I give you few lines of this article I have found.

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“Please, be realistic.”

How are things mathematically or scientifically? What figures and percentages of infected but also healthy ones are being talked about, and are not being talk about? The text from the pen of scientists is fully transmitted. Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there were 79,300 total infected with COVID-19. Of these, the vast majority, 77,000 is in China, the vast majority in Wuhan. Wuhan has a population of 11 million. Suppose that of the 77,000 above, all are infected are in Wuhan.

77,000 / 11,000,000 = 0.007 x 100 = 0.7

Thus, 0.7% of Wuhan residents are infected and 99.3% of the population of the city has no virus. I’m talking about the city where the epidemic started! Also, let’s not forget that over 10,000 people have become infected with the virus in the meantime. So the current number of patients is not 79,300, but 79,300 – 10,000 cured (and minus 2,500 deaths). So it currently has a rate below 70,000 infected, not 79,300. But what about Coronavirus mortality? If you are over 80 years old and infected with the COVID-19 virus, the chance of dying is 14.8%. Which again implies that 85.2% of people will heal. If you are between the ages of 50 and 60, you have a 1.3% chance of dying if, God forbid, you are infected with the virus. For those under 40, the chance is 0.2%. therefore, 99.8% of young people under 40 who become infected will recover. Ask yourself, by the way, why there is so little mention of the over 10,000 Chinese people who have recovered from the virus? To whom is this not interesting news and why not? Who lives by the fact that you read their articles and buy their newspaper as much as possible? But here it is! This is only if you become infected with Coronavirus! The chance of getting infected is just 0.7%, based on a nearly three-month outbreak at the source of the infection, in Wuhan. So there is a 99.3% chance that the virus will never reach you.

From the University of Toronto prof. dr. Ph.D. Igor Stagljar to the media and anyone spreading panic about Coronaviruses.

Thank you!