How to use this site?

This site is has 8 pages (use Menu button on top of the screen to toggle between pages):

  • Welcome (introduction)
  • How to use this site? (current page)
  • Blog (described in text bellow)
  • Recovery methods (insight in methodology for recovery)
  • Events (information on upcoming events)
  • Literature (information on useful resources)
  • Donate (contains a link to my PayPal account)
  • Contact (information on how to get in touch with me)

Blog page consists of blog posts and is divided in 2 parts. First part is called “Classic blog”, where i will post text only posts, in classic blog sense. Second part is “YouTube channel”, where i will post same text i speak on videos published on my YouTube channel with same name (The Parkinson’s blueprint). Posts in Classic blog have letter “a” in title (e.g. “2a. Methods for destroying dissociation from the heart”), and posts in YouTube channel part of the blog have letter “b” in title (e.g. “69b. Methods for destroying dissociation”).


  • Live chat. At the right bottom part of your screen you should see a blue floating button for Live chat. Use this to communicate with me in real time.
  • Comments. Please feel free to comment blog posts, they are more than welcome.
  • Subscribe. Please subscribe to blog. In every post (at the side of the screen for desktop or at the end for mobile version) there is a bar where you enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email.
  • Links. Please pay attention for underline word(s) in text. Usually, that is a link to another page or post. For example, this link takes you to the page “Welcome“.
  • Translation. You should see a floating green button “Translate” at top left part of your screen. You can choose language you want. It is Google Translate service and offers only limited level of translation since it is automated, but i guess it will come in hand.
  • Payment. All information given on this blog is free of charge. If this site was useful to you and you feel you want to give back in some way, you can donate me. Please see page “Donate“.
  • Events. For more information on upcoming events, please see page Events.
  • Contact information. For contact, please see page “Contact”.

Thank you!