Recovery methods

Most common question, reasonably so, is what it takes to recover? What must I do to recover? What is cure for Parkinson’s disease? Where do I begin? What are recovery methods?


If you are looking for specific set of things to do to recover from Parkinson’s i must disappoint you, there aren’t any. There is no specific goal set of things to do, like doing 1000 push-ups a day, drinking some exotic herb tea gallon a day, modifying diet, changing tooth fillings… Although, these things may have some specific effect, they will not cure you from Parkinson’s.

If those things help, Parkinson’s wouldn’t be considered incurable disease by Western medicine. They are so wrong, Parkinson’s disease is curable, but it requires change from inside. Change of mindset, something nobody is willing to do lightly. Not until a point where Parkinson’s beats you to the ground until you start to weep: “God help me, i can’t live like this anymore!”. Then you are ready to change. Maybe.

You can find different recovery stories telling you how people recovered from Parkinson’s using special massage or special set of exercises or sound therapy or homeopathy treatment or this and that… All not true. Do not misunderstand me, they really believe that those things healed them. They are essentially not lying, but they recovered because they finally felt safe in life, a feeling unknown to them for so many years. All those methods, herbs and massages they did just helped them silent their survival adrenaline driven mind.


To recover from Parkinson’s you need to retrain (notice “re”) your brain to stop using self induced pause in every day life, rare neurological mode, used in normal people only in near death time.


Here are set of methods I suggest you develop to start changing your brain’s biology by destroying self induced pause:

Except first one, which is crucial one, these are only basic methods for feeling safe. As long as you understand the basic idea, you can develop your own method. Basic idea is to throw anything you’ve got at your brain, so it changes as soon as possible.

Remember, you are master of your mind.

Changing your mindset is no easy job, especially when facing your ego. He will use every trick available to persuade you you are not safe yet. If you need help with this, do not hesitate to contact me (please see page “Contact“).


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Thank you!