8a. Natural methods for body detoxification – fire cupping

In following text (series of few posts) i will try to describe methods for body detoxification that actually work. Now, body detoxification will not heal you from Parkinson’s, but it will keep your body healthy as possible while you fight Parkinson’s and even prevent other diseases. How do i know that they work? I have tested them on myself. Continue reading “8a. Natural methods for body detoxification – fire cupping”

4a. Cyclic nature of Parkinson’s disease

Living life with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging. Your are not able to do things as well as you used to do. Your symptoms are visible and make you want to hide and stay at home. Mind registers all this and it will try to emotionally get you down. This feeds the disease, it makes it progress. This is basis for what they call in literature “cyclic nature” or “vicious circle” of Parkinson’s.

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