100a. Recovery symptom – chest spasms

Lately I am experiencing some shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

I’ve written about this earlier, but lately, I am experiencing same recovery symptom again.

Here is what dr. Janice said in her book: “Recovery from Parkinson’s” (edition 2013) about it:

Chest muscle spasms
Several patients have grown mildly concerned while experiencing recovery dyskinesia in
the chest. In Parkinson’s disease, the muscles that run down the mammary line of the torso
become rigid. During recovery, these muscles sometimes experience recovery dyskinesia: either they tense up for about twenty minutes and then relax, or they tighten and relax over and over again, somewhat quickly. Either way, the event usually lasts no more than twenty minutes at a time.
During the tightening up phase, recovering patients sometimes felt they could not take a
deep breath. A few then wondered if they were having a heart attack. Some went to the hospital.
By the time they arrived at the hospital, the tightness had ceased. One patient stuck around at the emergency room for a full heart work up, to reassure himself that nothing untoward had occurred.
The next evening when it happened again while he was watching TV, he stayed home.
An aside: I always tell patients to see a doctor immediately if they think they might be
having a heart attack. Do not ignore symptoms that give cause for concern. If it turns out that the chest spasm was only recovery dyskinesia and not a heart attack, no harm will have been done.
None of my unmedicated patients had heart attacks during their recovery from
Parkinson’s disease. Many did have chest muscle dyskinesia. My own occurred while I was
enjoying my morning shower, for several days in a row.
During the relaxation phase of chest-muscle recovery dyskinesia, the opposite occurs.
Patients who experience this feel as if the chest is so wide open that there is no need to inhale. In my case, I was in the shower when I suddenly realized that I hadn’t inhaled in a really long time.
I was a little concerned, but I just didn’t feel any need to inhale. My chest felt very wide open and relaxed. Finally, I did inhale and exhale, and again, a long time passed before I felt the need to take another breath. This glorious sensation of chest hyper-expansion started several days after I’d had the chest tension episodes.

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