62a. Accepting symptoms

The way you look at your symptoms plays a large role in your recovery.

If you look at your symptoms in a negative manner, Parkinson’s is winning. I can already see most of you saying: “This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Parkinson’s symptoms are horrible and scary! There is no way one can accept them.” Well, you are wrong.

When you develop habit of accepting everything in your life as it is, and find peace with it, you are developing new healthy brain habit and changing your negative Parkinson’s mindset. You are healing.

Of course, your brain, driven by your ego, will fight this. You have to persevere until your new brain habit is fully alive and functional. Do not worry, brain is like a muscle. All it take is enough repetition for change to take effect. Also, more weight you lift, you will see more results on your muscle form. Same is with brain habits, more persistent you are, faster your brain will change by developing new habits.

Thank you!

2 Replies to “62a. Accepting symptoms”

  1. Excellent point. Some authors suggest 21 days of repeating a certain behaviour will change brain and create new brain habits. I can confirm this as a fact.