70a. Coronavirus fear

Coronavirus. We are bombarded with fear from, well, everywhere. People are scared. Newspapers, TV and radio shows are filled with fearful news and statistics about Coronavirus. Fear, fear and more fear.

It is hard to strive towards PD recovery despite fear, but that is exactly what we must do.

One can not feel safe and fearful at the same time. It is biologically impossible. In other words, you can not recover from PD if you don’t let go of all your fears, even Coronavirus fear.

How to do that? Do not let your fearful mind take all your attention. This of course take effort. Talk with your invisible “friend” all the time. Let him guide your life, not your mind. Mind is just an instrument. Do not give it power, use it the way you want to.

I am organizing another Skype conference call. It will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2020. at 6 pm (+2 UTC time zone). Please join in. More details on: https://theparkinsonsblueprint.com/events/.

I plan to organize Skype conference call every last Saturday each month. If you find time of the conference inconvenient please send me an email, and I will try to find more suitable one.

Thank you!