72a. Healthy food combination

While fighting PD it is good advice to modify your diet. Goal is to be as healthy as possible. Here are some tips on what food to combine in a single meal I found out that are healthiest:

1) Do not combine protein of one type with protein of another type. Proteins such as meat, cheese, plant proteins (legumes, beans…) should be eaten separately. When you eat for eg. meat, do not eat cheese in same meal etc. Proteins (one type per meal) should be eaten only with vegetables.

2) Do not combine proteins and carbs. Carbs (carbohydrates) such as whole grains, bakery products (bread), pasta etc, like proteins, should not be combined with any type of food except vegetables.

3) Due to high percentage of starch potatoes should be eaten separately from other type of food, except other vegetables.

4) Fruits should be eaten separately from other type of foods. Combining one type of fruit with another type of fruit is OK.

5) Vegetables can be combined with every type of food except fruits.

That is it for now! Not so complicated, right?

Maintaining healthy diet improves all body functions and greatly contributes to our health.

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