74a. Trusting the void

This is always an interesting subject. I have written about this in a past, the best way I could at a time, but as I read those texts now, I see my viewpoint has deepend than in time of those texts , so no links will be put here.

Let’s begin with a question: Is there anything in Universe to be trusted except thoughts that our mind produces?

People or better to say, their minds, have tendency to conceptualize reality so it can be processed in form of thoughts. This tool can serve us well to build bridges, to calculate, to do science, but it has a serious flaw.

Since it is only conceptualized reality, it is not a whole picture, it is not a big picture. There is more to reality then our concept mind grasps. Much more.

But deep inside of yourself you already knew this, right? Your heart kicked in, not your mind and made you understand. So, in order to be in tune with complete reality we have to learn to listen to our heart, not (only) our limited mind. Only heart can see a big picture.

How to listen to your heart? Always talk to your invisible “friend”, no matter what. Go to Him for all your answers, learn to really listen Him and do accordingly. He is your way to true reality.

Void becomes brighter when your heart shines over it.

Thank you!

5 Replies to “74a. Trusting the void”

  1. Well said. Lately I’ve been relying more on my “friend” (~listening to my heart) to find answers to problems, and so far the results have been very good! It does feel a bit strange, like “This can’t really work, can it??”, but then it does work! Looking forward to being more accustomed to it!

      1. Well, for instance, a few days ago I had a minor problem in a relationship with a family friend (a regular friend, not my “friend”). It wasn’t too big a deal, but did trigger some anxiety for me, to a degree that I woke up a couple of hours early, unable to get it out of my mind. I kept playing out different scenarios in my mind, basically talking to myself or rehearsing what I would say to the friend. Finally I realized that if I wanted any chance to get back to sleep I had to be able to set it aside. So I said to my “friend” that I was going to leave it in his hands, let him guide me to the best solution. I had to go through that a couple of times but did then get back to sleep. When I woke up the problem felt trivial and the solution was simple and obvious. I’m not sure if I can reliably do it yet, but I’m going to try to leave more problems in my “friend’s” hands. 🙂

        1. “Rehearsing what I would say to the friend” is still talking to yourself instead talking to your invisible friend. Talking to ourselves is what got us PD at the first place. Good thing you left your friend take care of the problem for you…

          1. Yes, I’m still working to reduce my default internal dialogue/monologue and to shift more constantly to the dialogue with my “friend.” It’s a slow process, but I see progress as I devote more energy to it.