104a. Turning off “pause”

As you probably already know, “pause” is a neurological mode activated only in near death situation.

This is true for normal people, but “pause” is used in everyday life in people with PD. Using “pause” is, actually, making us sick.

Key for recovering is to permanently turn “pause” off.

But, this is not easy, as people who are already trying this, know very well.

It’s not easy because “pause” is triggered by a deeply personal negative brain habit or habits and changing brain habits is most difficult thing there is.

I guess you can detect your negative habit without problem. Just search your mind to see what you fear from. Next, try changing it. You must be persistent. Most effective way to change negative brain habit is to replace it with positive one. Richest source of positive emotions and thoughts is, by far, God, our heavenly father.

So, talk to God to show you how to replace negative brain habit and what to think instead. That’s what I do.

Thank you!