11b. Recovery is difficult but possible

Good afternoon everyone!
Why is recovery from Parkinson’s disease difficult? First of all, most people don’t try, because they believe in Western medicine prognosis that Parkinson’s disease is incurable. Second, those who try, struggle because they do not know what they are doing. You could be working on recovery for longer period of time and seeing no change or even symptoms changing for worse. This is where most of those who dare to try actually give up. This is the key moment where Parkinson’s tests our resolve. It is vital to lose our adrenaline driven mind which is stuck in negative prognosis that says that Parkinson’s disease is incurable progressive disease. This kind of thinking is pathogenic and one of the causes of Parkinson’s at first place. Parkinson’s disease is curable, because if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be any people who recovered and there are lot of them. Just keep calming your adrenaline driven mind and opening your heart (living in gratitude, loving yourself). You are making progress even if the symptoms do not change or change for worse. Luckily recovery happens very fast (1 minute or so) but reaching that threshold level takes a lot longer.
Thank you!