12a. Fighting your mind

This is a big one. In order to derail your life from Parkinson’s to no Parkinson’s, you have to engage in fighting your mind. Why? Because your mind wants to pull you into anxiety.

Mind is occupied with symptoms and analysis of future. And mind knows that doctor’s prognosis for Parkinson’s disease is not good. How to fight your mind?


Get used to ignore your judgmental adrenaline driven mind which only knows how to conceptualize according to previous events. Say to the mind: “I know I have Parkinson’s, but you are not right, I will recover. Everything that is happening is guiding me step closer to recovery. There are no bad events. Everything is OK.” Maybe it will take a hundred times or more, to say this to oneself, but be persistent. Mind will eventually believe you. Mind is like a reflex, it just take energy to reset it.


No. You will break the shadow of conceptual mind and realize that there is no reason to be afraid about anything in this life. Nothing. If you do not feel absolutely safe in every moment of your life, you are lying to yourself. This doesn’t mean that bad things are not happening in your life, but you do not react to them fearfully using your favorite way so far – dissociation.


But there is a catch. Mind will test your resolve. You have to want this really bad, otherwise mind will have leverage to persuade you not to go that route because it knows you want to ignore your mind. And you will fail to recover if you listen to your mind. Like many before you. Strengthen your resolve, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you!