15a. Trauma from the childhood

I have already written about this topic (please read post: “19b. Trauma from the past“).  This time i wanted to put some emphasis on the childhood part of your life, so you are able to detect whether you have trauma from your childhood or not, and if so, help you to be aware of it. Being aware of it will eventually help you deal with it in a healthy manner.

Now, dictionary definition of trauma is: “A deeply distressing or disturbing experience”. So, we are talking about an event that deeply distressed or disturbed you. Short terms traumas, usually, do not have such deep effect as long term traumas, especially ones that lasted few years or even decades.

I believe that people with Parkinson’s went through some sort of trauma in their life, especially childhood. They faced some difficulty, something stressful that lasted longer time, a few years at least.

Now, most of people went through some sort of trauma, and did not got sick with Parkinson’s. Difference is in attitude. Parkinson’s people didn’t take this trauma well. They decided, in subconscious level, not to feel anymore, to play dead, in order to protect themselves.

This is very unhealthy way to deal with reality, which can lead you to sickness of some sort. Either Parkinson’s disease or some other, it doesn’t matter.

Now, how to deal with trauma in a healthy way? There is a lot of literature on this topic and i suggest you find a method that works best for you. Main goal is to become grateful even for the trauma. That is threshold level you aim for. When you can be grateful even for the bad events in your life, that means you have grown beyond that event. You have successfully learned your lesson that life had given you.

Thank you!