18a. But God does not hear me!

People who are new to my Blog may be unfamiliar with the fact that, in order to recover from self induced pause (Parkinson’s disease), one needs to develop strong, dependable communication with God. For more info on this topic, please read my post: “2a. Methods for destroying pause“.

Sometimes, despite of trying to communicate with Him, one can feel that God does not hear him. Communication with God is not linear. It has it’s ups and downs.

You may have success one day and really feel God’s presence, but another day you find His voice completely silent. Do not let this get you down. I encourage you to be patient, persistent and devoted. God will eventually answer back. He has never let anyone down, so why would He let you down?

We all have to accept that God has His own terms in communicating, not ours. Sometimes He speaks in abundance, sometimes scarcely, or not at all. Sometimes He speaks in your room, sometimes while you do shopping. He gets to choose place and time. But He will answer back, for sure. He always does.

Meanwhile, praise the Lord, sing to Him with joy. Pray, and always, talk with God, all the time.

Thank you!