18b. Striatum and thalamus

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Today i have read some interesting facts from dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock’s book: “Stuck on pause”. Link for downloading this book, which is free of charge, is found in the description of this video. In short, striatum and thalamus are middle part of the brain, which do not work correctly in people with Parkinson’s disease, due to insufficient electrical flow in this area. This is manifested as static and can be detected with brain scans. How to improve electric flow in striatum and thalamus? One has to direct his thoughts outwards himself. This is done by constant conversation to someone or something outside of yourself as much as possible. Directing your thoughts towards the sensations of the heart or towards the soul is the same thing as directing the thoughts outward. The word “outward” means away from the judgmental mind and ego. This is the same principle as working on a muscles in a gym. How to choose that outward source which we can call our spiritual guide or personal friend? It is advised that it should be a familiar person from your life who has passed away and which made you feel safe or made you smile. It can be God himself if you have a good relationship with God or can be some inanimate object. Please, see my video “Talking to the source of unconditional love”.
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