25a. Is your “friend” for real?

It is often emphasized on this blog that, in order to recover from Parkinson’s one needs to develop live, intense, sincere relationship with his spiritual guide. One that makes him laugh and feel safe. Of course, person can ask is this enough? Is this kind of recovery for real? Is your “friend” for real?

Well, it is.

Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock has devoted her life to research what methods are best to recover from Parkinson’s. And i believe her. She has seen it happen on many of her patients. I have seen it happen on myself. I have already verified that these methods are valid. My tremor has reduced. It is still there, but i does not consume me with fear anymore. For those who have PD know that this is a significant shift.

It all comes down to biological change in your brain. You have to open, stimulate your striatum and thalamus. (For more info please read post: “18b. Striatum and thalamus“)

Be patient. Talk with your “friend” all the time. Love him. Feel him. Listen to him. Give yourself to him. Make that relationship as important as real world. Or even more important, more real.

Thank you!