39a. Choosing the right mindset

Maybe some of you who have been working on your PD recovery have experienced that after you intentionally choose to talk to your “friend” (or feel him) in midst of intense symptoms, you start to relax and symptoms diminish.

It take some time to get to this level (2 years in average). This is a true sign of progress, sign of recovery. This is a guiding light we all must follow.

But be ready, your mind will fight back. It will try to find reasons why you must listen to it, not your heart. Just be persistent. We all must be persistent in this fight.

Keep talking to your “friend” no matter what. Keep connecting to your heart. I know i certainly will.

Please leave comments bellow if you have found yourself in same situation.

Thank you!

2 Replies to “39a. Choosing the right mindset”

  1. Hello everybody.
    I have been working on my recovery for 18 months now, following Dr. Janice Walton Hadlock’s method, and lately, when i am relaxed in prayer, i have seen that for a short time i can walk with almost no symptoms. Dr. Janice W. H. thinks this is an important sign of recovery. With God’s help, i will continue on this path.