40a. Recovery symptom – pain in joints

About 10 days ago i have noticed pain in middle finger joint on my right fist. Few days later pain spreaded on wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle… Eventually it spreaded on the left side.

On scale 1 – 10, pain is around 3. Not terrible, but definitely noticeable.

It was confusing because pain in joints started on right side of my body, which was less affected by PD than my left side.

Initially i was disturbed by this, because these symptoms are similar to arthritis symptoms, but then i have read in dr. Janice’s book: “Recovery from Parkinson’s” that inflammation is typical recovery symptom and that it is not unusual that inflammation occurs on healthier side.

Pain in joints is due to inflammation, of course.

This is very good!

Dr. Janice explained that when the brain is on high alert and/or numb (pause), it ignores “small” problems such as fungal infections and other infections that thrive in the joints and the skin. Inflammation occurs when the body finally starts to recognize and do battle with the pathogens.

This also means that i am no longer in self induced pause and that my PD symptoms will not change for worse anymore.

Great news!

I will continue talking to my heart/”friend”/God and see what is around the corner.

Thank you!