44a. Profound change

After stepping out from pause, all things look different, even PD symptoms. You start to look differently on symptoms and you are, more or less, OK with them.

But biggest change, i would say, is in your mindset. It is subtle, but profound change in core of your being. You think differently, you feel differently, you act differently. Like with symptoms, you are, basically, OK with everything. Now, i do not mean this in lethargic way, but you just know, deep inside you, that everything is all right, and that you are also all right.

Biologically speaking, your brain is using more dopamine than before. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Keep up with good work and please comment how are you doing!

Thank you!

2 Replies to “44a. Profound change”

  1. I am happy for your success, I can imagine that everything is different when you step out from the pause, I hope that I will also come that far and with all my heart I am happy for you, keep it up.