46a. Recovery symptom – breathing issues

In my last post: 45a. Step back, I have mentioned that I was under impression that my PD was worsening. I was wrong.

It turns out my PD symptoms didn’t change for worse after all. As a matter of fact I am experiencing a new recovery symptom, which means I am better. Fantastic news!

That irritation in throat which I was talking about is actually, according to dr. Janice, a recovery symptom.

Basically, one might find himself having a hard time taking a deep breath as various muscles of the chest and throat, after not having been used fully for decades, go into gentle spasms as they start being used more completely.

As i have found out, it is easy to interpret recovery symptoms as negative. They are that intense. Fortunately, we have knowledge of dr. Janice for guidance.

As for the impression that PD symptoms have spread to my right side (healthier side), it was also prejudiced. They are not worse than one year ago or more.

Thank you!

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