4a. Cyclic nature of Parkinson’s disease

Living life with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging. Your are not able to do things as well as you used to do. Your symptoms are visible and make you want to hide and stay at home. Mind registers all this and it will try to emotionally get you down. This feeds the disease, it makes it progress. This is basis for what they call in literature “cyclic nature” or “vicious circle” of Parkinson’s.

Mind is using all the arguments that you find strong, it keeps you stuck in fear, it has you by the throat. If you ever plan to recover from this disease, you must learn to step out of the vicious circle.


First thing is to become aware that your mind is trying to make you feel fearful. Now you must fight your mind. Institute counter thoughts, 1-5 positive thought(s) for each negative. For example, mind says: “you shake, everyone is looking, you look bad”. You say to your mind: “i love myself, i am child of God, it doesn’t matter that i shake, nobody is perfect, i choose to relax”. Repeat this , if necessary, 1000 times a day, until your mind gives up and resets. Next time it will not be as strong. Notice, that at some level, you can control your mind.


You see, we are not changing the event (shaking), but rather we are changing our perspective of the event. We are changing our attitude. Choosing to stay relaxed, even during full blown PD symptoms, learns our brain not to use dissociative pattern, that led us to Parkinson’s at the first place. This is step to recovery. Interesting thing, sooner you feel relaxed (safe) your symptoms lessen.

Do not be afraid to engage in war with your mind. This is necessary to recover from PD. Please read post: “38b. Is it safe to fight your mind?“.

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