5a. Loving yourself despite Parkinson’s symptoms

Maybe you have noticed, on my blog and YouTube channel, i do not talk about Parkinson’s symptoms. This is no coincidence. I haven’t talked much about symptoms, since I am interested in recovery, not in symptoms management.

Recently, in conversation with a man who also has PD, i have noticed that his mind is still stuck in judgmental mode and he is still seeing other people’s (and his) symptoms in a bad light. He feels that Parkinson’s symptoms are something to be ashamed of. This is so typical mindset for Parkinson’s sufferer. In core, this is part of the cause we get Parkinson’s at first place (Please read posts :”2b. Cause 1” and “3b. Cause 2“).


I believe, to recover from Parkinson’s it is necessary to change our mindset. It is necessary to lose that judgmental, analytical, adrenaline driven mind. We are not our symptoms, we are not our mind. We are our soul, our essence, untouched by Parkinson’s. Open your heart for yourself, and feel warmth, something you haven’t done in a long, long time.


Of course your ego sees what you are trying to do, and it will try everything to stop you. Your ego will use ever trick to persuade you not to go against your own mind, but you must. Incomplete, false mind judgement is misleading you. I am aware that Parkinson’s people do not want to hear this. You must let go of your precious, nurtured negativity that is keeping you isolated from world. Same negativity that is feeding your dissociation.

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