65a. Recovery symptom – spasms in back

This recovery symptom scared me the most of all recovery symptoms.

Few days ago i have noticed spasms in my back, between right shoulder blade and the spine.

This initially scared me, because this spasms resemblance tremor, so I thought my PD sympto ga bu bu cvijeće hhms returned and that I am back in pause.

My fear grew even stronger when I realised because I was struggling with another issue last month so I could possibly have slipped back in pause.

But, after exchanging few emails with dr. Janice I have found out that I am actually experiencing another recovery symptom. How cool is that!

During recovery, any muscle group that has been weakened might go through periods of tension and spasming, usually for not more than 20 minutes at a time, until it becomes healthy again. This is especially true for area of the muscles between shoulder blades, because it is affected (becomes weak) during PD.

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