6b. Fighting your mind

Good evening everyone!
The theme of this video is how to fight against the negative thoughts of our own mind. Negative thoughts are not lacking in fighting against Parkinson’s disease. How to fight your own mind? Any thought that disturbs causes an adverse chemical reaction in the brain that a person with Parkinson’s symptoms simply can not afford. How to fight the negative thoughts of your mind? You should first decide that you will not listen to your own mind. Of course it will not be easy. The mind will do anything not to be ignored. Be ready. Another technique is to fight back. Eg. the mind says you can not do this or that, you have to say to your own mind you are wrong, i can do it. And repeat it 100 times a day if needed. There are other interesting techniques. There are great books about cognitive behavioral techniques. These techniques are applied in psychotherapy and are very useful in fighting Parkinson’s disease. One good book is in the description of this video.
Thank you!