82a. Do not trust your mind

Although this title seems like you need to lose your mind and go insane, that is not what I am suggesting here. You do not need to go insane in order to stop trusting your mind.

You need to stop listening to your adrenaline driven, fearful mind which is always in lookout for danger. Instead, focus on God. Let the love of God shine upon those fears that your mind creates and let it dissolve them.

Your mind is ego driven liar. You do not want to listen to a liar, do you? How do I know it is a liar? Well, let’s take a simple example. How many times mind predicted way that something will turn out in future (usually negative), which eventually, doesn’t turn out that way? Many times, right?

What about highest level? All saints and sages said, in order to learn the real truth you need to go beyond your limited mind.

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