8a. Natural methods for body detoxification – fire cupping

In following text (series of few posts) i will try to describe methods for body detoxification that actually work. Now, body detoxification will not heal you from Parkinson’s, but it will keep your body healthy as possible while you fight Parkinson’s and even prevent other diseases. How do i know that they work? I have tested them on myself. As i mentioned in introduction for this site (please read page “Welcome“), besides Parkinson’s i have encountered another “incurable” disease which was life threatening. I have declined all classic medical treatments and started detoxifying my body. Luckily God put valid people on my path, who gave me valuable information, so at the end I have succeeded. That’s why in fighting Parkinson’s i believe in saying:” There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”

There are also, a lot of methods for body detoxification that don’t work. I have tried many of those also, but won’t be talking about them in this text.

Here is the list of natural methods for body detoxification (all can be done at home) that i highly recommend you consider:

  1. Fire cupping (most effective)
  2. Diet modification
  3. Detoxification with water or/and tea
  4. Physical exercise


Fire cupping therapy is a traditional method of treatment, present in many cultures of the world. It’s one of the oldest methods.

By applying it, skin pores open, circulation improves in the treated area, reviving distorted vital energy, and releasing toxins from the body.

Most of the diseases are caused by toxins in our body. What kind of toxins am i talking here? Mostly our dead cells (byproduct of metabolism) that the body (especially the liver) is currently unable to dispose of and which are deposited inside the body. When the amount of toxins in the body grows above a certain threshold (different for each individual) organs begin to weaken and gradually the body is out of balance and goes into state of disease. This may be an allergic rash or can be cancer, depending on the amount of toxins in the body and the general condition of the organism.

The most common place for toxins storage is the back of the body. This area is rich in muscle tissue, lymph nodes, capillaries, and in fact an ideal place for the disposal of body waste materials. That is why back area is most often treated with cupping. Depending on the need, except on the back, vacuum cups can be placed on the neck, shoulders, knees, and sometimes on the head.

Thus, the basic purpose of fire cupping therapy is to clean the body from toxins. When the body is clean, it returns to balance and most diseases are cured, including cancer.


Fire cupping utilizes special cups (please see Picture 1). It is possible, in the absence of these special cups, to use ordinary cups (jars) used in households, but they are more uncomfortable when applied on skin then special cups because they have a narrower edge.

Cups for fire cupping

Picture 1. Cups for fire cupping

So, for accessories we need:

  • set of glass cups,
  • piece of cotton wool,
  • medical alcohol (preferably 96% ethanol),
  • long tweezers
  • lighter
  • needle or scalpel

First a ball out of cotton wool is made, then the ball is held with tweezers and soaked it in alcohol and ignited. Then, the flaming cotton wool ball is drawn into a cup, and the cup is quickly put on a patient. Flame heats the air inside the glass, creating a pressure (vacuum) so when the cup is placed on the skin, it creates suction effect (please see Picture 2).

Picture 2. Suction effect

Cups on person's back

Picture 3. Cups applied on back of the body

After the glasses are removed from the back, lymph bubbles may remain in the areas where the glasses were applied. (please see Picture 4).

Lymph bubbles

Picture 4. Lymph bubbles

The bubbles need to be perforated with a sterile needle or scalpel to remove lymph. This lymph is full of toxins. Some may also remain in the cup (please see Picture 5). Wipe the skin with sterile gauze or something similar.

Lymph in cups

Picture 5. Lymph in cups

Sometimes, besides the liquid lymph that is yellowish, like urine, a gelatinous substance, which is dense lymph, can be released and is a bonus because this gelatin is littered with toxins. Also, sometimes, the lymph color may be reddish, it is from the traces of blood that escapes when small capillaries burst under suction pressure. This blood is also full of toxins.


Lymph bubbles usually appear under cups after 45 – 60 minutes after applying cups. The longer you keep cups on the body the better. More toxins will come out.

As you can tell fire cupping is very simple method and can be done at home. Equipment used is not expensive. Except some surface damage to the skin this method does not have any side effects. It is, in my opinion, best method for detoxification there is.

On next posts I will talk about diet modification as method for body detoxification.

Thank you!