7a. Being perfectly imperfect

By default, people with Parkinson’s symptoms do not like to be imperfect. They tend to overthink everything, analyse every step, every possibility in constructing some future event. Parkinson’s people like to control everything, and most of all, their own joy of life.

They deeply believe if they let go of control (governed, of course, by fear) that something really bad is going to happen. Feeling unsafe is so deeply embedded, that they believe death is inevitable if they let go and surrender to life. This is at the core of Parkinson’s cause itself. Fear is causing them to dissociate (please read post: “65b. What is dissociation?”). Now how to be perfectly imperfect?


Acceptance is the key here. Accept that we do not control everything, and that eventually things will turn out OK, no matter what. Let go of your precious, nurtured negativity, that is keeping you stuck in dissociation. There is beautiful force which binds everything and everyone in Universe. There is no need to be fearful about anything. Most people call that force God. Me too, but you can call it whatever you like. Love is essence of this force, and love is essence of all of us. That is why you should live by your heart, not by your mind. Heart is in tune with God, love, Universe, everything and everyone. On the other hand, mind is limited. Very limited.

Learn yourself to surrender to what is currently happening with all you heart. Do not let a single minute of a day pass, that you do not fell joyful as much as possible. Feel joy even with Parkinson’s symptoms. Learn to feel joy, no matter what (please read posts: “58b. Being happy for no reason” and “51b. Staying positive no matter what“). Love what is, no matter how bad it seems. Do not listen to your adrenaline (fear) driven, judgmental, survival oriented, mind. Live by your heart, in present moment, love what is, and watch how your internal world changes.

Thank you!