90a. Why is PD progressing disease?

Parkinson’s is by a definition progressing disease and if you are doing nothing to recover, it surely is. Now, why is that?

As you probably know, PD driver is “pause” mode, neurological mode, triggered in near death scenario. When the processes that drive the PD are active, it affects your body, and creates nerves, muscles, blood vessels tissue damage. As PD progresses this damage is becoming more noticable. We call it PD symptoms.

When person turns off pause 100%, PD driver stops and body starts to repair itself (through relaxation) and soon recovery symptoms start. In reality, there is transition period where PD symptoms can get worse while person has recovery symptoms at the same time. This is because person did not turn off pause 100%.

At first, I thought that body tissue damage can produce more PD symptoms by itself, but that is not the case according to dr. JWH. Pause mentality produces all the damage (PD symptoms).

What about PD recovery? When person is able to turn off “pause” 100% and relax on the deepest level (feel safe) then PD symptoms start to diminish. How fast will he recover depends entirely on how deep and how often does he feel safe.

Thank you!

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  1. I like this post very much. I think that when we are still on “pause” we are constantly producing more and more fear which continuously increases our Symptoms. Ragib