114a. Recovery symptom – shift in sleep pattern

Lately, I have noticed huge shift in sleeping pattern.

I have written something similar before (42a. Recovery symptom – sleeping improvement) but this time it is more significant.

Change didn’t happen in nighttime, but in a daytime. During a day I sleep for 2-3 hours extra. I usually take few naps.

According to dr. JWH book RCFPD 2020 this is a recovery symptom.

Here is a transcript from her book:

One of the more pleasant or, for a few people, more aggravating, symptoms of
recovery is the change in sleep patterns. During recovery, even people who had been plagued by insomnia often find that they are suddenly sleeping very well.
“Too much” sleep
Many recovering patients find themselves wanting to go to bed early, wake up late, and take naps. They often worry that they are sleeping too much: “I’m sleeping my life away.” A person recovering from a serious injury or ravaging illness needs to sleep a lot. A person who is growing new nerve cells, muscle cells, and brain cells needs sleep: lots of it. Some people accept this. Some are unable to accept it and feel chagrined, even ashamed, about how much sleep they now need.

Guess I will not worry about this and just enjoy sleeping instead.

God bless!