3a. Conscious awareness

Before explaining what is conscious awareness let me first point you to cause of Parkinson’s itself. To get a better understanding what is causing Parkinson’s disease i suggest you read posts “2b. Cause 1” and “3b. Cause 2“.


Now, after that is out of the way, you may ask yourself: OK, but how do i stop using pause? Well it is like fighting an addiction, because people with Parkinson’s are addicted to pause pattern of thinking and reacting. For more information on this, please read post: “2a. Methods for destroying pause“.


To successfully deploy all techniques i have described in post “2a.” i suggest you become aware of everything that is going on in your mind. Develop strong conscious awareness of your thoughts. This is crucial tool when trying to retrain your brain. You are the master of your thoughts, you get to choose which thought is going to have your attention and which one won’t. Please read post: “27b. Nurturing your garden“.

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