6a. Living without fear

This is a big one. Fear is at the core of Parkinson’s, fueling Parkinson’s. It is making us switch to pause mode like smell of burning cigarette is making a smoker to light a cigarette. Living in a fear can be addicting.


Yes, fear can be addicting. Especially when challenged by a difficulty in life, like a Parkinson’s disease, which is considered incurable by almost all the Western medicine doctors. Parkinson’s people fear of deterioration, disability, public appearances and everything else Parkinson’s is offering.

This is called vicious circle of Parkinson’s disease (please read post: “4a. Cyclic nature of Parkinson’s disease“). This is only adding to the problem. Parkinson’s people lived in fear even before they had physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. That is what made them ill at first place. Now, after diagnosis, fear chart goes through the roof. At this point Parkinson’s is winning. If they do not break they addiction of living in fear, doctor prognosis for the disease will become true. It will not be the doctors fault, but their own, because they have surrendered to fearful mind. It was easier to surrender to fear monster than to change. And that monster is self created, always, no matter what the circumstances in life are, but it is sometimes hard to admit that.


Breaking the addiction of fear, like breaking from all other addictions, starts with a DECISION. You must decide not to open the door of fear ever again, no matter what is going on in your life. This is where methods for destroying pause come handy, because pause is fueled by fear (please read post: “2a. Methods for destroying pause“). If you found a way not to be fearful (or on pause) throughout your life even when there is reason for being fearful, you have successfully turned off pause and you are on your way out from Parkinson’s. How cool is that? But this will not come easy.


As soon as you decide to regain control, you are engaging a war against your own ego. In religious literature this is called holly war. But, if you are true and persistent, you will prevail, because at the end, you are master of your mind.

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