11b. Recovery is difficult but possible

Good afternoon everyone!
Why is recovery from Parkinson’s disease difficult? First of all, most people don’t try, because they believe in Western medicine prognosis that Parkinson’s disease is incurable. Second, those who try, struggle because they do not know what they are doing. You could be working on recovery for longer period of time and seeing no change or even symptoms changing for worse. This is where most of those who dare to try actually give up. Continue reading “11b. Recovery is difficult but possible”

10b. Prayer

Good evening everyone!
Theme of today’s video is prayer. How is prayer applicative in fighting Parkinson’s disease? Prayer opens up dopamine faucet. As dr. Janice Walton Hadlock says: “Brain research, as well as the writings of great saints and sages of every faith, confirm that conversing constantly with something loving and supportive is the most effective way to feel safe enough to live without fear, connected to the universe, and beloved. Continue reading “10b. Prayer”

6b. Fighting your mind

Good evening everyone!
The theme of this video is how to fight against the negative thoughts of our own mind. Negative thoughts are not lacking in fighting against Parkinson’s disease. How to fight your own mind? Any thought that disturbs causes an adverse chemical reaction in the brain that a person with Parkinson’s symptoms simply can not afford. How to fight the negative thoughts of your mind? You should first decide that you will not listen to your own mind. Continue reading “6b. Fighting your mind”

5b. Faith

Good evening everyone!
So why is faith important in fighting Parkinson’s disease? When I say faith, then I do not mean a particular religion, but I am thinking in general of the perception of God, the higher being, the energy that binds everything, etc … So why is faith important in fighting Parkinson’s? The only way for a man to free himself from negativity and unfavorable Western medicine prognosis for Parkinson’s disease is faith in God. Man should leave all his fears and doubts to God. There are so many fears and doubts about Parkinson’s disease. Continue reading “5b. Faith”